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Australian Osteopathic Association

Dentons Pillows

We sell a variety of Dentons pillows. Our Osteopaths can assist in measuring a pillow to suit your needs.

Wheat Bags (Micowavable)

Wheat Bags can be used as either heat packs (by heating in the microwave), or cold packs (by placing it in the freezer).

Hoteze Patches

Hoteze Adhesive Heat Pads for temporary relief of muscular aches and pain. Heat lasts up to 12 hours. Speak to your Osteopath for more information regarding this product.

Lumbar Rolls

To provide support to your lower back when sitting.


We have many braces available, such as, tennis elbow braces. We can also order braces on request or as suggested by your Osteopath.

Spikey Ball

To help ease tension and increase blood flow to tight and painful muscles and joints.